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God Transforms

Sat, Feb 22, 2014 by Cliff Lee

Testimony of Vincent Tang, 58

I dropped out of school at a young age. I also started drinking and gambling and got involved with drugs. I became addicted to gambling and had an obsession with earning quick bucks. However, as all my earnings went into gambling, my debts snowballed and I had to flee from Singapore to avoid my debtors.

Money was needed for me to fuel my addiction to gambling, so I ended up participating in human-trafficking in Taiwan. Whatever I earned, I gambled away. Soon, I found myself in debt again and I fled from my debtors in Taiwan to Malaysia.


In Malaysia, I continued trafficking Thai girls to Singapore for prostitution. I was caught in a vicious cycle of making money, gambling it away and taking on more debts. Soon, I also owed debts in Malaysia and had to leave for Thailand where I got involved with an international criminal organization. 

One day, the police came knocking on my door. I was arrested for having more than half a kilogram of drugs in my possession and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Upon hearing the news, my wife fell sick and eventually passed away, leaving my two-year-old boy to fend for himself. 

I was devastated and felt lost. How did my life become such a mess? 

During my prison term, my sister sent me a Bible, along with dictionaries that I requested for use in writing letters. When I received the Bible, I did not read it.So, when my friend asked to borrow it, I lent it to him without much thought. 

One rainy day, my friend returned me the Bible and I simply threw it on my shelf. That night, the rain never stopped. I never saw such heavy rain before. The prison cells started flooding and I got worried about my stuff. So I went back to my prison cell and I realized the waters had stopped right below the Bible – everything else was wet except the Bible! 

I could not get this event off my mind over the next few days. I felt goose bumps just thinking about it. Soon, I was down with a fever that did not go away.During this period, my sister wrote to me and advised me to read the Bible, pray to God and trust Him. So, I started reading the Bible and praying.Soon, the fever miraculously subsided. 

The turning point came when my 90-year-old mother traveled all the way up to Thailand to visit me in prison. She told me to ask God for the things I desired.Since gambling made me lose everything, I took a final gamble with God.I told Him, “God, if you keep my mother alive and my young son away from bad influence until I am released from prison, I will serve you for the rest of my life.”

No insurance company would have taken such a gamble with me as these were ridiculous requests. My mum was 90 years old at the time I made this bet andI had at least 10 more years in prison. My son grew up without parents in the bad environment I left him in; it would have been easy for him to go wayward. 

But God made it happen. I was released from prison eight years later instead of 10. My mother is still alive and my son is growing up well and attending school.Everything I asked of God, He fulfilled. He changed me. 

I used to smoke, drink and gamble my life away without a care for the people around me. Now, I work legally and have taken back the responsibility of providing for my son’s education and living expenses. 

God has transformed me to live anew for Him. Today, I attend Trinity regularly and my prayer is to be used by God for His glory. Thanks be to God!  

This story first appeared in The Trinitarian Magazine Issue 1/2014.

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